Clog Cannon Air Power Drain Blaster / High Pressure Powerful Manual sink Plunger cleaner pump

Clog Cannon Air Power Drain Blaster / High Pressure Powerful Manual sink Plunger cleaner pump

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  • Compact

    Although it's powerful and durable, the Clog Cannon is actually smaller than most water bottles. Aside from being lightweight to carry, it'll also take up very little space in your bathroom or kitchen, especially in comparison to a plunger or snake. Plus, if you need to bring it somewhere that's not your home, you'll be able to toss it into almost any bag.

  • For Various Drains

    This tool will create an airtight seal that will enable you to clean out virtually any shower, bathtub or sink drain, regardless of that drain's size or shape. You won't even need to remove a drain's stopper or grate in order to place the Clog Cannon overtop of it.

  • Reusable

    The Clog Cannon isn't something that you'll be able to use just a few times before throwing it away. In fact, one of these may last you for years, even if you need to clean out drains on a weekly or monthly basis. If it ever starts to appear dirty, you can rinse it off with water.

  • No Odor

    As it does its job, this drain-cleaning tool won't give off any sort of odor, nor will it bring any kind of odor up to meet your nose after it has cleaned out your drain. Instead of pulling dirt up through your drain and out, and potentially stinking up your kitchen or bathroom, it'll send the dirt down so you won't smell it at all.

  • Set of Two

    This device comes in sets of two, so if you have two bathrooms, you may want to leave one in each or leave one in your kitchen and the other in a bathroom.

Positive Points

  • Doesn't Contain Chemicals

    Many people choose to use liquid drain cleaners in order to clean out clogged drains, but these often contain harsh chemicals. If used frequently, these may end up damaging your pipes over time. Furthermore, they're not easy on the environment, and if you breathe in their fumes, you might end up feeling sick. Fortunately, the Clog Cannon doesn't make use of any chemicals at all. Actually, the only ingredient you'll need to use it is plain water.

  • User-Friendly

    While kids, seniors, and people with mobility issues might have difficulty using larger plungers or snakes in order to clean out their drains, that won't be the case with this particular tool. Almost anyone will be able to transport their tool to the drain that needs cleaning without help and also understand the quick fill-and-flip process. As a result, this tool is ideal for seniors who live alone or young apartment dwellers who are just learning to take care of their own plumbing needs.

  • No Batteries Required

    You won't need any batteries to properly operate the silicone valve within your Clog Cannon, as you can power it completely with the pressure of your own hand.

Save Time

When you use the Clog Cannon to clean out a dirty drain, you'll be able to do this in a few minutes (at most), while other methods will take much longer. If you were to use liquid drain cleaner, you'd have to wait for it to trickle down your drain, while the water from your Clog Cannon will blast through in seconds. Alternatively, if you were to try and use a plunger or snake to clean your drain, these tools can be cumbersome, so you probably wouldn't work as quickly as you would with this smaller tool.

Save Money

With your Clog Cannon, you'll be able to clean out nearly any drain in your home on your own, so you probably won't need to call your plumber as often, if at all. By keeping the drains of your sinks, bathtubs and showers cleaner on a regular basis, you'll also reduce the chance that you'll need to replace these household fixtures every few years.