Door Stopper Magnetic Self Adhesive Door Stopper Door Holder Home Decoration Curtain Stainless Steel

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Magnetic Self Adhesive Door Stopper

Simple to install.
Don’t need to drill to the door or your floor or the Wall.
It includes double-sided tape which keeps it fastened securely to the surface mounted on the door,the floor or the wall very firmly.
Can be mounted vertically to the floor or horizontally to the baseboard or wall.
Strong magnetic action to hold door in open position,prevents door from slamming shut
Weight: 0.22kg

NOTE: Recommendation pasted in the desired position.after 12 hours,then use.

Two installation ways: 
1. Use 3M double-sided tape glue to the door without drilling(there are two 3M tapes). Protect your door and wall from damage. 
2.The second installation way– screw drilling installation:Concealed back plate hides unsightly screws.