Nice Dicer Quick 5-in-1 Fruit / Vegetable Cutter Perfect Kitchen Helper for Quick And Healthy Meals

Nice Dicer Quick 5-in-1 Fruit / Vegetable Cutter Perfect Kitchen Helper for Quick And Healthy Meals

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Product Description


The Nicer Dicer Quick is a personal handheld kitchen tool which slices, chops, and cuts whole fruits and vegetables. Each set of the Nicer Dicer Quick includes an array of items. It includes a slicer, a wedge cutter, a thick and thin blade insert and a storage container with a lid. This tool combines five slicers into one easy to use and interchangeable solution to quickly chop or slice all types of fruits and vegetables.


1, Five Interchangeable Options

The Nicer Dicer Quick has five interchangeable options to chop, slice or cut fruits and vegetables. It can chop into thick or thin slices and can also chop into wedges.


2,Works Fast and Efficient

The Nicer Dicer Quick works very fast and is efficient at chopping up fruits and vegetables. It works ten times faster than using regular knives to cut and dice.


3, Easy to Clean

The Nicer Dicer Quick is simple to clean. It can be disassembled into pieces and placed in the dishwasher for a regular cycle.


4,Storage Container

The Nicer Dicer Quick includes a storage container in order to store chopped fruits and vegetables. The storage container can attach to the slicing options so the chopped items can go directly into the container.



*Healthy Eating

This product enables the home cook to add freshly cut fruits and vegetables to their meals because this tool makes it fast to add them to meals.


*Safer Than Knives

The Nicer Diver Quick is safer than cutting fruits and vegetables with knives. This is beneficially for those who have shaky hands. It is also beneficial for children to get involved in the cooking in the kitchen. The Nicer Dicer is safe and easy for them to use. However, this product should still be used under the supervision of parents because the blades and choppers are still very sharp and can cause injury.


1 set Cutter



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