Silicone Stretch Lids - MMTX 12Pcs Reusable Food Storage Lids Durable Silicone Bowl Covers Elastic Food Covers with Various Sizes, Keep Food Fresh

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Product description

Material: silicone
Colors: white(6pcs)+blue(6pcs)
Weight: 280g
Size(diameter): 6.5cm, 9.5cm, 11.5cm, 14.5cm, 16.5cm, 20.5cm(Stretchable and flexible for bowls of different sizes)

Our MMTX Silicone Food Storage Lids has the same fresh-keeping function as the plastic wrap, but it is superior to the ordinary cling film:
鉁擨t is made from food-safe silicone raw materials, so it has no toxic effect on food. Natural special silica gel, superior adsorption, better sealing effect.
鉁擣eels good and flexible, can be extended to cover most dishes with different sizes.
鉁擟an withstand cold to -40 degrees and high temperatures to 230 degrees.
鉁擨t could be widely used with the glass, cups, bowls, dishes, fruits, vegetables and be used repeatedly.
鉁擳he Silicone Bowl Covers can transform the round dishes into a fresh-keeping box, and the sealing effect is good, and there will be no leakage, oil leakage or soup leakage.
鉁擡ffectively prevent food from having odors and bacteria, and keep foods fresh.

Don鈥檛 get close to the fire.
Be careful when using it on containers such as dishes that should not contain sharp edges or broken edges to prevent from scratching.

What You Will Get With This Great Value Set:
6pcs white Silicone Stretch Lids with 6 different sizes
6pcs blue Silicone Stretch Lids with 6 different sizes