Summer Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Comfortable and Pain Relief Orthopedic Neck Pillow

Summer Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Comfortable and Pain Relief Orthopedic Neck Pillow

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Product description:

Material: 65% polyester + 35% Regenerated Cellulose Fiber + Memory foam filling + Gel surface

Size: 60x40x13cm / 50x30x10-7cm


1. Release pressure, fits neck curve and protect spine;

2. Relax shoulder and neck, help fall asleep soon;

3. 3D gel surface, warm in winter and cool in summer;

4. Zero pressure memory foam material, comfort support ensure sleep quality;

5. B type design for back sleeper and side sleeper;

6. Skin-friendly fabric and convenient zipper design


Whom this pillow suits for?

1. For whom that works long time and have neck pain

2. For whom that seek high quality sleep experience

Packing list:

1x Pillow


Pillow core structures:

A: 3D gel surface, breathable, fits neck, protect spine

B: Memory foam filling, comfort support, relief pressure, fall asleep soon


What is GEL?
Gel is like human made skin, soft, cool, fits, skin-friendly, elastic, warm in winter and cool in summer, sleep on it, you will feel fully relaxing


How to clean gel?

When gel is dusty, gently clean it with wet cloth, don't put it in water, or it will be destroyed


Classic B type design, back sleeper can sleep on lower side, comfort support


Side sleeper can sleep on higher side, fits neck curve, protect spine


Size 60x40x13cm , better fits, better relax, better sleep experience

A: Side design, breathable and free your arms, fits for men and for whom like higher pillow


Features: A: Scientific design, good for air circulation


Features: A: Temperature sense, release shoulder pressure, help fall asleep soon



L096-KAYIYO 50X30cm Summer Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow Comfortable and Pain Relief Orthopedic Neck Pillow with Washable Pillowcase (4)

Matters needing attention

_About bubbles: Memory cotton products are one-time moulding for abrasive foaming, which will inevitably result in some small air holes. Air holes are also an important basis for distinguishing between cutting sponge and memory cotton. Bubbles do not affect the use of products.

Maintenance of pillow core: After using for a period of time, please take it to the ventilated place for air drying and disinfection, which helps to maintain the elasticity of pillow core.

_Softness and Hardness: Polyurethane is a temperature-sensitive material, the product will change with the season, there will be a degree of soft and hard change, which is a normal phenomenon.

_Concerning odor: As the goods are just produced, there will be some odor of raw materials. During transportation, the sealed packaging will have a slight odor when opened, which is a normal phenomenon. Without affecting the use and health, the flavor will disperse in a few days after ventilation.

_About color difference: Shop pictures taken in kind. Due to the differences in light, environment, computer display screen and personal understanding of color, there will be slight color difference. Please understand.